FORTRESS 15 is the Original Repository  Warehouse of Artifacts;


Our family has been Curators, Dealers and Collectors in the Antiquities, Art, Inventions and Relics field for more than 200 years. In days of old, the First of our ARTIFACT REPOSITORY FORTRESSES were near Spain, then Italy and Germany. In the 20th Century, the original FORTRESS numbering was stopped and a new series of numbers were begun in the United States, deep underground in The Lakefront Area of Chicago. The curating of the collection was entrusted to a gifted child who, loved books, art,  and built unusual simple machines and beautiful objects of leather.That first repository--under the guidance of that child who, later grew up to be famous in the fields of firearms, art, business and a well-known author and adventurer--was FORTRESS 1. Since that time, in the 1950's, there have been 13 other FORTRESSES in the Midwest, Southwest and, presently: FORTRESS 15 in Nevada.

Every Artifact we sell is unique, historical or important;

Each has a History and Provenance.

And each has a ”Legend” Tag Attached to it.


You not only purchase the Artifact but, you purchase the ”Legend” as well.

It becomes your legend and part of your culture.

So, please give us a call at (702)981-7351. If by some slim chance we do not have an item or something in your genre of interest, we have vast world resources and can get you whatever Artifact you desire.

Whether your Collecting desires or interests are specific, ecclectic or just of a curious nature; we can offer you the finest in Victorian ANTIQUES, AMERICAN OLD WEST items, ORIENTAL Antiquities, Estate Jewelry, Rare Books, Vintage&Antique Police Memorabilia, Fine Art, Pop Culture Collectibles, Vintage Watches, Rare Comics, Rare Trading cards, Military ANTIQUES, Medieval-related pieces, Rare Coins, SCIENCE FICTION COLLECTIBLES, Nautical ANTIQUES and Authentic Movie Props. We are EXPERTS in All of the aforementioned. We classify ”Antique” as being from pre-1950. ”Classic Vintage” from pre-1960; ”Vintage” would be 1961 through 1989. And ”Rare” may be circa any year as well as one-of-a-kind ARTIFACTS.

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To walk the halls, passages and peek inside the vaults, cases, crates or boxes of FORTRESS 15 and it's vast inventory of thousands of items is an experience of which we never tire; because we always keep discovering items we've never before seen. But, our vast experience and hereditary tradition demands that we RESEARCH the ARTIFACT. And we must track it to it's source or determine it's ”Legend.”